Friday Weddings? They’re a Great Idea!

There are hundreds of decisions you have to make about your wedding day. Which venue is best for you? Buttercream or fondant? What color tux will the groom wear?
What day of the week will the wedding be?
Saturday is often a popular choice, but we feel that Friday is an often-overlooked day – and underdog whose praises need to be sung! If you haven’t considered having your wedding on a Friday, now might be a good time to think about it – and here’s why!

Your Guests

Many couples we speak to have initial apprehension about a Friday wedding because they’re afraid it makes traveling more inconvenient on their guests. After hosting hundreds of Friday weddings, talking to hundreds of guests and hundreds of couples, we can assure you that in 90 percent of all cases, the opposite is true. Coming home from work and getting dressed for and going to a wedding, isn’t that much different than getting ready and going out on a regular Friday date night. Most people don’t even take off work early, but it’s also a nice opportunity for them to do so and enjoy the day as well. Another reason guests (and couples) love their Friday weddings is that having your event on Friday means that your guests get to relax for the rest of the weekend!

Your Honeymoon

It’s not just your guests that get the rest of the weekend to themselves. If you have a Friday wedding, you and your honey get two days to relax, OR you can leave a day earlier for your honeymoon! It may not seem like it now, but that extra 24 hours, either to kick back, prepare or get on your plane and zoom off to your honeymoon destination, can be absolutely precious – and instrumental for your mental relaxation!
The Venue is the Same on Friday AND Saturday.
You’ve seen toured tons of venues, talked to so many coordinators and have pictured what your day would look like over and over in each unique space. After all of that work, you’ve decided on your venue. Here’s the really good news: we can’t speak for anyone else, but the attention to detail, commitment to the couple’s happiness, the food, the cake, the ambiance – absolutely NONE of those things change whether your wedding is on a Friday or Saturday at Ashelynn Manor. A Friday experience and Saturday experience is the same as far as the Manor is concerned. In fact, there is only one difference between a Friday or Saturday wedding at Ashelynn Manor…

The Cost – and Speaking of Friday Weddings…

That’s right. You can typically find Friday wedding packages at a lower price point! This means you’ll still get our wedding coordinator, hostess, entertainment coordinator, reception, ceremony – all the things Ashelynn Manor are known for – at a reduced package price!
So more weekend time for you, more convenience for your guests, the same incredible venue at a lower rate? Maybe it’s time for you to consider a Friday wedding! Call us or text us!