How To Style A Valentine’s Wedding

Valentine’s Day is notably a day of love. So, it’s no surprise many couples choose to also wed on or near this special day when the whole world is in love with love! For many couple’s, Valentine’s Day is also a day of special anniversaries, as many groom’s choose this day to pop the big question! Other benefits to a February wedding are that the big Thanksgiving-through New Year’s holidays have wrapped up and so you will not be competing with hustle and bustle of the holidays for your big day. Usually in February, the weather here is magical. Still very cool, but hints of Spring are beginning to pop up. Here are some ideas for styling and hosting a Valentine’s Day themed wedding. 

Color Scheme Ideas
Just because you have chosen a Valentine’s Day themed wedding does not mean you are chained to a red and pink color scheme. By no means! While any combination of red and pink is beautiful, be sure to think outside of the box. Or actually, in the box! Those classic sweetheart candies that are ever so popular make a gorgeous wedding inspiration palette! Pinks mixed with golds would be so glamourous and very trendy!

Right now, current trends are perfect for a Valentine’s Day wedding theme! Think hearts (of course!), but also of incorporating arrows which are all the rage, bunting, and lace, whether actual lace or clip art versions in everything. Flowers are also a must! What is Valentine’s without flowers? Be mindful that you are competing with one of the biggest flower-gifting holidays around.  This may affect the cost and availability of certain flowers. Discuss with your florist and be open minded about all the options that are available.

The sky is the limit when it comes to fun, cute Valentine’s favors. Any sweet will do! Think cookies, chocolates, red hots, sweetheart, or chocolate dipped strawberries. Even a small plant or mini bouquet with a tag, could pull double duty as a favor and a seating assignment card.

Details You Will Love
A Valentine’s themed wedding is just full of whimsy which is why you can inject so many fun details that a bride wed on any other day just couldn’t pull off quite so well. Here are some ideas:

Petticoat Punch
Dye your petticoat a beautiful shade of blush to a wild pop of red. It will be a fun surprise and add some fun to your dress!

Shoes to Dye for
Another fun touch is to wear bright red or pink shoes under your dress.
Be Mine
Take a fun engagement or wedding day pic holding a sign that says “Be Mine.” It would also be a cute theme to carry over to a sweetheart’s table.

Get Quotable
How many funny, thoughtful, sweet or charming quotes are there about love? Literally thousands. Find some of your favorites and incorporate theme through out the ceremony and reception with chalkboards and wooden signs. Here are some of our best Valentine’s Day wedding ideas just to get you started.
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