Preferred Vendor: William LaRotta of HD Bella Videography

Capturing your special day is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself as the bride and groom. So many times,  brides and grooms talk about how the actual wedding day is such a blur thanks to nerves, excitement, and adrenaline. There is nothing better than to be able to look back and remember those tiny details such as the way they were your groom teared up when they first opened the chapel doors, the crack in your dad’s voice as he offered a toast at the reception, or the hilarious dance your groomsmen choreographed. William LaRotta has always loved camera, specifically videocameras. What began as a hobby changed when he was asked to video a friend’s wedding and fell in love with wedding videography. His talent helped him take his passion from a hobby to a side business to full-time career. HD Bella is the perfect choice for you if you don’t want to miss a single moment of your big day. One of the things that makes William and HD Bella Videography so special is he doesn’t just create an edited highlight reel. He videos the entire wedding, so that one day, the bride and groom, or even their children can look back and really relive the wedding day in its entirety. HD Bella also has years of experience capturing Ashelynn Manor weddings too. He knows just where to place the camera in the chapel, how to navigate your guests in the Carriage House to snag your first dance, and where the sun hits just right in the garden for a perfect bridal shot. We can’t think of a better way to introduce you to this vendor, than to let his work speak for itself. These two highlight reels will take your breathe away.     Here is what another bride had to say about working with HD Bella….
Our wedding video from Bella Productions was truly a work of beauty. William was a great professional with unmatched enthusiasm for his work and great optimism on the tasks he had for our wedding day. William perfectly captured our day which encompassed multiple traditional ceremonies with a reception and dance that went from dawn till dusk. William was very easygoing and adaptive throughout it all and delivered a great piece of work. After 1 year we watched his video on our anniversary and everything from that special day came flowing back with great emotion and beauty. All the special moments of that day were captured and presented perfectly in a very touching manner that exceeded our expectations! William, thank you for turning our special day into a memorable masterpiece. -Matthew and Sophie
If you are loving HD Bella, you can contact them through their website. You can also see more of their lovely work on their Vimeo channel.