Why Hire a Full Service Wedding Venue

They popped the question! Congratulations on your engagement! Now the fun part begins – and trust us, planning a wedding can be so much fun, especially if you do it for a living! What’s the first thing you Googled after you got engaged? Wedding dresses? Wedding photography? Bridesmaids gifts? These are all very reasonable and normal things to get excited about! How about planning a precise wedding timeline, DJs, florists, bakeries who specialize in wedding cakes, a printer for wedding invitations, décor, linens…the list goes on and on… this is where a full-service wedding venue can really come in handy! Full-service venues act as venue, wedding planners and the rest of these very important things all rolled into one, freeing you up to really enjoy your time as a bride or groom. Here are some reasons that full-service wedding venues are SO beneficial to couples.


Plain and simply, full-service wedding venues are extremely convenient for couples. Almost everything you could possibly need is all in one place, so whatever it is that you’re dreaming of to make your wedding day perfect for you is likely already all at your fingertips – from your venue to the menu and most everything in between. This means you don’t have to worry about auditioning band after band (or DJ after DJ) for the perfect reception ambiance, or going to ten tastings to find a wedding caterer. You don’t have to visit a multitude of florists to find the right one for the right price or scour through pages of brochures to find the right linens. A full-service venue knows what you need and provides it all in one place, usually giving you not only top-notch choices but a broad range of selections as well, which gives you extra time to focus on details like your veil, his tux and your vows. It doesn’t get much more convenient than full-service wedding venues!


If you had zero experience building a house, you wouldn’t just buy a plot of land and a bunch of lumber and start hammering away, right? Hiring people who know what they’re doing not only makes your life easier, but helps to assure that the end product is exactly what you want. That’s exactly how you should look at planning a wedding. While you can certainly plan everything about your wedding down to the very last detail, leaving that minutiae to a full-service venue with years of experience means that you’re putting the complicated (and time consuming) planning process in the hands of people who do it for a living, day in and day out each and every year. How long should your reception be? What’s the correct amount of wine to purchase for 150 guests? Should you have passed hors d’oeuvres before the reception? And how long should that last? Planning your own wedding means finding out not only these small details, but small details for every single aspect of arguably one of the biggest days of your life. Full-service venues have the answers to these questions – all of your questions – because, quite simply, it’s their job to know. Lean on them! Leave the hard part to the experts so you can relax! And speaking of relaxing…

Relax and Enjoy the Process!

Without the services of an on-hand wedding coordinator (which are available through full-service venues), any issues that come up on your special day will have to be handled by you – or one of your loved ones – on a day you’re supposed to be relaxing and having fun! Not only are full-service wedding venues convenient, and not only do they allow you to lean on the expertise and years of experience they possess, but they make it possible for you and your loved ones to sit back and relax on your special day – ask any couple who have used a full-service venue – it’s completely worth it!